Someone Watching Over Me

The Zutons

Compositor: The Zutons

Well I'm sure there's someone watching over me
at might, while i'm sleeping.
'Cos no harm ever seems to come to me,
at night,while i'm sleeping

They never let me wake to see
who could be standing and guarding me
And when the morning comes
they never seem to stick around

I see demons and spys with Cyclops eyes
at night, while i'm sleeping.
And girls with claws and blood-stained floors
at night, while i'm sleeping.
I see bullets of steel and they clip my heels
at night, while i'm sleeping
And all the blades they spin and slit my skin
at night, while i'm sleeping

I must have had a hundres fights and changed from dark into light.
But when i awoke all this violence and pain was all right

I'm gonna wait alone under my sheets and pretend to close my eyes
And i will wait until the sun comes up
I will wait all night
I don't care if you dopn't come and show yourself
'cos i know you're always near me
And when it's dark again i'll count to ten and you'll be standing by me

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